Matcha Green Beer

You know you're not in college anymore when food coloring in beer doesn't sound like the best night ever.... 

With St. Patrick's Day coming on Friday we came up with a green beer that has more to offer than dying your tongue green! Our Friends at Pumeli gave us some organic matcha green tea. We paired it with Sapporo Japanese beer and the combination made a frothy, delicious green beer alternative. Check out the recipe below.

All photos by Luki O'keefe. If you use this recipe send us a pic and use the hashtag #thankssomatchafixx !

Ingredients for single serve:

1 Japanese beer (I used Sapporo, but any light beer will work)

1/4 to 1/2 TSP of Pumeli Organic Matcha Green Tea (you don't want your beer to taste bitter so depending on how large a glass you are using decide how much powder to use)

1 Slice of lemon (optional)

1 Sprig of Mint (optional)


1. First things first things first you need to steep your tea. Heat the water to 175 degrees.

2. Pour 1oz. of the warm water in a cup with 1/4 tsp. matcha powder. Whisk in a "w" motion until frothy and dissolved. Let sit for a little to cool.

3.Transfer to your chilled beer mug and add the Sapporo. Give it a whisk to combine flavors and enjoy!

Note: To counter the bitterness I squeezed a lemon in mine and it was delicious. I always associate mint with green tea so for my second glass I swapped the mint for the lemon and loved it.