Getting our Fixx: Nikki Lane's Biggest Fan

This is not one of my finer moments. It's embarrassing for me on all levels. 1) as a person who normally doesn't care about social media 2) as a graphic designer who succeeds at the worst photoshop job ever and 3) as a woman, who fell prey to a fan girl moment. 

It was April 24th at the Soda Bar in San Diego and fan girl needs to chill out. I can usually "keep my cool." I live in Orange County. In Orange County you're not supposed to be star struck or let on that you're excited [unless Beyonce is staring you in the face]. But I’m not originally from here, and my star struck weakness proceeded me that night.

I have been obsessed with Nikki Lane's music for some time now. I am 1 of her 700,000 rednecks (what she calls her fans). I specifically wanted to see her at this tiny venue in San Diego, because I was convinced that I would get to meet her personally. I have introduced her music to all my friends. I tell everyone about her shop in Nashville, High Class Hillbilly, because I want to go there and I rave about her style to anyone who will listen. 

So my friends, whom I had evangelized in to the Nikki Lane fan club, and I showed up at the Soda Bar to see her show. Right before she went on stage, my dreams had come true. She walked up to this guy we had been hanging out with and started to talk to him. She knew him… Fan girl, was loosing her Sh*t. I was introduced to her. I couldn’t even get words out. What is happening to me I am like a 14 year old girl meeting 1D. She played her set. I new every word of every song, those are the best kind of shows, am I right?

Later that night I got to take a photo with her. I am so excited and I'm smiling way too big (seriously, somebody get this girl a xanax). My husband took the photo and it was the worst photo ever taken in the history of photos. We were directly under a light, there are shadows on my face, my eyes are barely open from smiling so big. To date, that photo was the cause of one of the biggest fights my husband and I have ever had. "Babe I can't believe you, you couldn't tell us to move away from that light? You didn't notice my eyes weren't open, gah you're unbelievable." If you are not laughing right now, you should be, I am ridiculous. The photo was terrible and I was devastated. Not only, because I could not post this photo of me meeting my favorite person, but also because there wasn’t proof that I had met her!

I hated the thought of doctoring a photo for instagram. That is so lame I thought. I was desperate. I did it anyway, but I told myself that I would only take 2 minutes to photoshop it, because I couldn’t imagine spending any more time on something so ridiculous. I photoshopped my face from another pic onto the original pic, made it black and white, tagged Nikki Lane and posted it… I took it down within minutes. It was humiliating, I'm a graphic designer and this was a bad photoshop job. I didn’t adjust the lighting on my face, I didn’t make the size of my head proportionate; it looked sooo fake. I still think about this photo and laugh. I wonder if she ever saw it, in those two minutes it was up. My friends never let me live it down. I never let me live it down. You can see the notorious photos below.

Nikki Lane has grown in popularity since then, so I will probably never get a chance to redeem myself, but I’ve come to terms with it. My marriage survived in case you were worried. 

Lane’s third album is coming out this February and I couldn’t be more excited (sorry Orange County secret's out). If you haven’t listened to her first two albums do yourself a favor. I am a sucker for nostalgia. Nikki Lane is just that. She is an outlaw rock n’ roller with a vintage look and a rebel soul. Her style is classic and old school, I think that’s what drew me in, but her sound is what keeps me coming back. She inspires me, because she takes notes from legends like Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash, but propels forward with her own touch on country Rock. Get your Nikki Lane Fixx at or on spotify. Stay tuned for her up coming release on February 17th!