FIXX White Elephant Gift Guide: The Weirder the Better

If you are like most of the U.S. today, then you probably have a holiday party tonight and are dreading/searching for a creative and memorable white elephant gift. There are a lot of strategies for this kind of gift giving. In camp #1 you have the people who wrap up something that they already have at home = lame. In camp #2 you have the people who put the rest of us to shame and bring a gift that isn’t a white elephant at all. It’s the gift that everyone wants to steal (because who wouldn’t want a fifty dollar amazon gift card, but also who has fifty dollars to give away at a white elephant party?). And then there is camp #3. Camp #3: the weirder the better. These are the gag gifts. They are funny and that make you think “WTF where did you find this/why does this exist?” These gifts can be DIYed, but are best found at yard sales, grandma’s attic, and thrift stores. However, in this digital age you can also find them on etsy and other sites. Your mind will be blown when you see how many weird people have “shops” on etsy…. But that’s another post for another day. For now scroll through our curated white elephant gift guide to get ideas. Happy hunting!