Timeless Design

Fixx is a graphic design and styling business run by Kambria Allen. I specialize in branding design, creative direction, and styling.

I  have a deep appreciation for making, the seemingly ordinary, unique. I think you can be clever and creative in every situation. 
As your designer I try to demonstrate how graphic design can add details to your brand, your marketing, or your vision, that will drastically make a difference in the feeling and presentation. 
My  focus is on people. If we try a little harder, get a little more creative, then your brand will flourish, your marketing will be elevated, your business will be remembered. 

Creativity and design should be intentional. Its purpose should be clear. I believe that the best design isn't forced. It doesn't interrupt you. It makes you feel like it should have always been. I am most inspired by nostalgia, vintage finds and quick wit.  I hope to embody a progressive style with the discipline of being timeless. 

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Kambria Allen | OWNER & DESIGNER 



I would love to create something you can be proud of!